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Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: You can call us at 210.628.9390, you can contact us via our website, or you can reserve units through our innovative online booking system, Bookfresh.

Q: Is it better to reserve a unit through the online booking system or to call 210.628.9390 and place a reservation?
A: Either way is fine with us, we prefer you use the online booking system so that we receive your contact information correctly.  The online system is also up to date with our over-the-phone reservations.  When you book online we will send a response within 24 hours of whether or not we accept or decline the reservation. If there is a reason we have to decline the reservation we will call you ASAP to let you know, or if you had any comments that require us to contact you we will call as well.

Q: How far in advance should we reserve our bouncer?
A: Reserve AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Our inflatables book up very quickly! However if you are in a bind and need a rental on short notice, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Do you require a deposit to reserve a unit?
A: No, at the current time we do not require a deposit but please inform us ASAP if you are not going to be needing the unit for your requested date.

Q: How can/do I pay?
A: You can pay for your rental by cash or check (payable to Fun Time Slides) and payment is due upon delivery.

Q: Do you charge for delivery?

A: Delivery is FREE in La Vernia and surrounding areas.  The furthest we typically deliver our units is 15 - 20 miles from the La Vernia, TX area.

Q: How long is an "ALL DAY Rental"?

A: We typically deliver our units before noon on the desired rental date and pick up the following morning, as long as it is OK with the renter and the location is secure from potential theft and damage from animals.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 210.628.9390.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for the delivery and setup of the rental?

A: DON'T STRESS! To prepare for your scheduled rental with Fun Time Slides please be sure to be around to show us where you want the unit set up, have at least 36'' of room for us to roll the unit on our dolly to the desired location on the property, and clear any debris (sticks, rocks, branches, animal droppings, etc.) from the desired setup location.  We bring the electrical cords and lay down a tarp for our unit when its being used wet or if it's being setup on sandy or loose dirt conditions when rented dry.  The ONLY thing we request you provide is a water hose when renting the wet units. Please be sure the water hose reaches the desired setup area so we can attach it to the soaker hose connection at the bottom of the units.

Q: How much room is needed to set up the inflatable's?
A: We post the dimensions of each unit and we advise you to measure ahead of time to ensure the inflatable unit you are planning to rent will fit accordingly.  Please remember to keep a buffer area of at least 3' around the entire unit and at least 8' around the parts of the unit where the participants enter and exit.

Q: How much power is needed?
A: Each unit requires a 110V (standard) outlet. A dedicated outlet is preferred but not required. Each outlet must be located within 120 feet of each unit.  We provide the electrical cords for powering the blower, typically a blower draws approximately 9 to 14 amps depending on the size of the blower (the bigger units use bigger blowers).

Q: Can I pick up the jumper and set it up myself?
A: No. Leave it to the Pros!

Q: What surfaces can the inflatables be set up on?
A: Units can be set up on grass, dirt, sand, cement, or asphalt. We highly advise against setting up on cement or asphalt surfaces since there is a higher potential for injuries to occur when participants are exiting the unit or when using the unit in general, it is also easier for us to ensure the unit is staked down properly to avoid the unit moving from normal use or during windy conditions.

Q: Can inflatable's be set up inside?
A: Yes. The area needs to be large and tall enough to accommodate each inflatable. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Are the inflatable units safe to use?
A: Yes, our units are constructed for commercial use. We do not rent units that are sold in retail locations or discount centers. Our units are constructed by manufacturers located here in the USA from heavy duty vinyl materials, and are built with safety in mind. You will be instructed on the proper safety procedures upon delivery. There should be no problems if all the safety rules are followed.

Q: Do adults need to supervise the bouncers and slides?
A: Yes. A responsible adult needs to supervise each unit to ensure each child’s safety and enforce the rules presented on each unit.

Q: Are your inflatable's clean?
A: Yes! All of our units are cleaned before and after every event. We also inspect each unit prior to use, and maintain meticulous inspection records for every piece of equipment.

Q: Do the inflatable's get hot during summer?
A: All of the units we currently have for rental are able to be used with water and we do not typically rent them out as dry units during the summer (May to September).  Be very cautious when using the units in direct sunlight because the vinyl can get VERY HOT, on delivery we will be sure to remind you to give the unit a good spray down of cool water before use to ensure no participants get burned.

Q: Is there a cleaning fee?
A: No, not for normal usage. However, if excessive cleaning is needed, a minimum fee of $50 will be assessed.

Q: Can we use silly string on the bouncers?
A: No!! Silly string ruins vinyl. A minimum $500 replacement fee will apply if silly string stains equipment.

Q: What if I need to cancel my order?
A: Please contact us as soon as possible so we can rent it out to other customers looking for the same unit and date.

Q: What is your rainy day policy?
A: We reserve the right to refuse delivering our units if there is inclement weather.  But if we deliver and setup the unit there is no refunds if it rains or something comes up that cancels your event.